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Challengair Airmax Force Dryer, Variable Speed

Item #: DK30V


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    Challengair Airmax® Portable, Dual Motor Forced Air Dryer

    • Revolutionary
    • Two Year Warranty

    Double K Industries is proud to introduce a New Variable Speed air control. This allows for complete control of the air volume and velocity: You get full high speed down to a very low speed, and everything in between! The new dial control means more flexibility in grooming with the ability to cater the air flow to the animal and your grooming needs. Choose full power for large full coated animals, moderate speeds for ears and drying sensitive areas or medium coated breeds and low air volume for small animals, cats or young/sensitive animals.

    Two motor variable speed professional dryer.
    One motor supercharges the other, or use just one for air volume and temperature versatility. Powerful motors reduce drying time as high velocity air penetrates even the thickest undercoats. "Flow-through" motor/fan systems warms air as it cools the motors for great energy savings. New noise deadening, high impact, service friendly "clamshell" housing is also very service friendly. Includes convenient "twist on" hose along three versatile "twist on" nozzles including Double K' s "Air Sweep" nozzle designed to blow water off in sheets. Dual air filtration protects motors and shop air quality. Molded silicone sound isolating motor mounts results in exceptional quietness.

    The variable speed model with its solid-state variable speed control allows versatile temperature, volume and velocity adjustments.

    Two Powerful Motors - 123 cubic feet per minute per motor = 246 cubic feet per minute total! Dryer produces more air due to the aerodynamic housing design and a smooth hose lining, reducing resistance as air moves through the hose, thereby increasing air volume (and velocity).

    Super quiet high impact ABS Clamshell design housing allows easy access to motors and controls for servicing. Dual air filtration protects motors and other components.

    Twist on nozzles - All nozzles twist-on to the hoses to prevent "pop-off" that can occur with other forced air dryers. Includes 3 versatile attachments for any drying need - Comes with the unique "air sweep nozzle" for pushing water from the animal's coat! Hoses are crushproof and heat resistant. The Challengair Airmax® has two speeds and two temperatures. Durable housing is virtually indestructible and will not rust, dent or crack as metal housings can. The AirMax will retain its beauty much longer than metal dryers.

    The Airmax® is less expensive than comparable dryers, offering you better value. Comes with a two year limited warranty which includes hoses and nozzles. 30 day purchase money back satisfaction guarantee.

    Includes 6 foot crush proof hose and multiple nozzles. Comes in blue.

    Product Specifications:

    Model: Airmax Variable Speed

    Voltage: 115v

    Amperage: 16.4

    Horse Power: 3 / Motor

    Wattage: 1886

    Hertz: 60 Hertz:

    Motor Air Volume: 123 CFM / Motor